Help Schools Keep Valentine’s Day Safe

Student holding paper hearts

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for both grown-ups and kids to celebrate.  Many primary schools will have some sort of Valentine’s Day activities for the students to take part in, and it frequently includes delicious treats of chocolate or candy. But for kids with food allergies, these celebrations can be no fun at all. If they eat the wrong foods, they could have a severe allergic reaction. If they aren’t permitted to participate in eating treats, they will feel left out of the fun.

A simple way to keep all kids safe and able to enjoy at-school Valentine’s Day festivities, is to think ahead and provide non-food treats. Valentine themed pencils, stickers, or small toys make great Valentine’s gifts. The party favors section in your local discount store is a great place to find affordable non-food treats for the whole class. And of course, don’t forget about fun Valentine’s Day cards.

If your kids have food allergies, be sure to remind their teacher in advance. It is important for teachers to know about a child’s food allergies so they can make Valentine’s Day activities in their class safe, fun, and inclusive for everyone. If your kids don’t have any food allergies, the thoughtful gesture of providing non-food treats for the whole class goes a long way in creating a fun day for everyone.

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